What is the largest indicator of the health of a moral culture? #40yearsRoe

“I am personally pro-life, but I am not going to force my belief’s on others”

This is one of the most seethingly angering quotes I can ever come up with. The only one that is worse is

“If you don’t have a vagina you don’t have a right to have an opinion on abortion”

You know, I don’t understand anyone being across the board pro-abortion. I do, however, recognize it is a totally different ethic. A totally different philosophy. A totally different view of science and morality. When one is pro-abortion it angers me because I see it as murder on a grand scale of a specific human type. That is a definition of genocide. But, at least, they have a semblance of moral congruence within themselves. I believe most defenses of abortion could also be logically applied to infanticide. It is a product of our culture. We have settled on a morality that is so far from truth that we allow the most innocent of lives to be murdered every day.

If you believe in abortion being a choice for all identify your self as pro-abortion, or pro-choice. Don’t insult my intelligence and say you are “personally pro-life”. Thats like saying you are personally anti-murder, but wanting the repeal of the illegality of murder.



Everyone legislates morality. Every law is based on some individuals morality. Vigilanteism is rightly outlawed, but is far less morally unacceptable then the killing of an innocent life without imminent threat of death or large long term health. While it is legal, I beg of you to choose life, choose adoption if you can’t handle it.

One comment on “What is the largest indicator of the health of a moral culture? #40yearsRoe

  1. Jen says:

    I wrote a similar post a few months ago titled ‘A Challenge to Pro-choice Conservatives’. I’d link it but I’m on my phone. 🙂

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